Today, let’s just be honest …Celebrate Every Day !  Come and talk about God and his amazing blessings with me. Share our stories ….

Angels in the  Gallery ! Available for purchase !  Click on the tab, “Angels Among Us” in Menu. Message me for customs and  for purchase of Gallery angels .IMG_1072

  • Perfect gift for everyone ! Give me your angel’s new owner’s personality and I will paint her. or him to represent that person (Abstract .. of course!)  * custom extra .. but what a unique gift !!


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****If you see an angel you like and it is marked “sold” please give m the item # and I can do the same pose. Your angel will have her own name and be unique, but Healing and Portrait angels are similar in pose !!      


Please check out the “Angels Among Us ”  tab under Menu , for an online gallery of available angel paintings . Each angel purchased comes with pretty tissue wrap and bow, an angel card with name of angel ,and a unique scripture verse . All angels will have a portion of sale price donated to charity . Charity receipt included with purchase. Private message me on Facebook   AngelsAmongUs@KimCiucci.youareloved or email Kim.Ciucci@letsbehonestyall.com 




Angels News Flash: 


Just In :  New Earth angel Series paintings in gallery ! Great gifts for everyone you know !






Kim Ciucci December 2016

 Take that selfie, be in those pictures , smile, and just take the time to be thankful . Life is so short and every day matters. Find joy in the simplest things, hug others, be extra nice. There is still love on this earth . Radiate what you want to see in others… it cannot hurt to be kind. I am sending you love and hugs. Let me hear from you. My email is for all of you to contact me whenever you choose.  You can reach me at kim.ciucci@letsbehonestyall.com    Please send me your comments, suggestions.. or just say hello.   !!  XOXOXO  Seatbelts on folks… we are going to have some turbulence for awhile. 2017 is going to be a year of shaking and stirring… so keep your eyes on the prize and hang on.




My New Adventure !angelsoul

After much prayer and by the grace of God, I have been blessed with a new adventure in my life ! Join me on my new artistic journey and share with all you know. You can find my page on Facebook :  Please take a moment to go on Facebook and view, like and share. Consider an angel for you or one of your friends and enjoy the peace and love they radiate…

AngelsAmongUs@KimCiucci.youareloved .  The Lord put a paint brush in my hand, and I said, “But God, I am not an artist !” , and he said, “Through me all things are possible !”… Though I am still praying on the journey , I feel like I have hit my soul destiny on the target. I am like a child on Christmas morning. He answers our prayers, but not always in the way that we expect. With my expression in art, I feel through Christ I can reach people and bring them to the light of the Lord. I will be painting angels. They are abstract and some more impressionist , but angels it is !!   I have had a surprising reception to them and I am waking up every day with a renewed sense of purpose.  I have already been commissioned to do two paintings,so I can only pray that this is the beginning. It is all in the glory of our Lord and Savior…I am so thankful and blessed !  Check out the page and also the tab on this site for paintings and private message me for interest in purchase. All proceeds for my first paintings will go in full praise of God.. and 100 % to charity . After that a portion of the paintings will always… always go where God shows me there is a need. With each purchase I will disclose the charity that each particular angel has helped.  I hope only to re-coup supplies after that and any additional blessings will be up to the Lord. Please share and think about an angel for one of your loved ones… what a perfect gift.   XOXOXO




What Coconut Oil  Can Do For You :

Coconut oil hcoconut oilas many health benefits for your hair and skin , digestive system, and also our immune systems. Many people throughout the world are discovering the benefits of this tropical oil and are including it in their daily routines. It is gaining in popularity and most people can find at least one or two things that will benefit positively
from its use.






The Thing About God’s Love

I have heard time and time again , the misconception that Christians are arrogant and judgemental. I don’t agree of course. I think perhaps we are misunderstood.





Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York Rangers hockey game

Fighting amongst ourselves has been initiated by a very dark source. It thrives on chaos and makes us weak. It seeks to divide. We are designed to LOVE.  If we let this dark force take over , we will  not survive as a nation. Instead we have to rise up together and refuse this evil from our lives , from our hearts and work towards the civility we are capable of.  If we let the darkness win, we will not have a chance at all .. for anything .





                                               Television, Movies and Music:


I have postponed choosing something to review for the time being. To be honest, I am not happy with the behavior that I have witnessed coming from many of the so called A-List actors. I am boycotting for now , any shows wiangelsoulth these disrespectful humans displaying their hatred for all the world , and my children most importantly to see. It is not because of political affiliation , as much as it is about total disrespect and an inherent evil behavior that seems to be the norm. Read more...







“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to my new online web magazine page!  I am excited to share with you a lot of different things that
can give you all some positive perspective on your lives.Read more...







April 20, 2017

My list for this week ! Things I aspire to accomplish!  Hope your week is fabulous, too

Click Here to read my list...



Stay Fabulous!   XOXOXO




21 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest…..There are angels among us……

  1. I can see God is really working in your heart, such beautiful pictures you have painted. I wish you the best of luck, such a wonderful thing to do for charities. God bless you and your family.

  2. This year we shine. Amen! I read this and it’s exactly how I feel…it’s my wish for my family this year too. I myself am looking forward to this Christmas…it’s time to celebrate the reason… Jesus Christ the son of god born on Christmas Day !

    1. I agree. I think we learn as we age . We become more confident of ourselves as individuals and we understand what is possibe for us each day . Saying “no” is not a bad thing. Being honest is saying “no” when you just can’t do it , whatever it is. We also have to take care of ourselves, that is key. *****

    1. I love the site! Good luck on your new adventure. You will do a fantastic job . PS had to do this twice misspelled my name, lol

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